Course curriculum

    1. Journey to Health

    2. Nice to Meet You

    3. Table of Contents

    1. A Brief History of Cannabis

    2. History Lesson

    3. Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants US 6630507

    1. The basics of the ECS

    2. Understanding the ECS

    1. Other Cannabinoids

    2. Not just CBD

    1. The Terms You've Heard for Years

    2. Let's Talk Terminology

    1. Terpene Table

    2. Terpene Talk

About this course

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Cannabis and CBD Massage

This class will offer you everything you need to know to practice this trending modality to the best of your ability.

  • Science backed information taught by an expert

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Nurse and Massage Therapist

Jordan Person

Cannabis Educator

Jordan has been a nurse for two decades and a massage therapist for 16 years. She relocated to Colorado in 2010 and utilized plant medicine to regain her health. Jordan then founded two wellness-based companies - Primal Therapeutics, cannabis massage and Primal Healing - CBD topicals and skincare. Jordan also served as the Executive Director of the award winning Nonprofit, Denver NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) for five years. Jordan dedicates her life to cannabis through advocacy, activism, and education, focusing specifically on the research and development of new creations and applications for organic skincare. Her focus these days includes creating new education for spa professionals wanting to use hemp and cannabis in their treatment sessions. Jordan provides education in person four times a year for the International Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa Conferences as their Cannabis Educator.

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